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My Father started our  busness on 15th january 1992 with a small retail shop.In early years of busness we didnt import much but used to buy in small scale locally. In years to come we started manufacturing our own designs  which increased our sales. Later stage we started getting good wholesale orders as well which boosted our busness a lot. Now we import our own products  , added various lines of jewellery products to our current gold, diamond & silver products.


Now we are selling 18ct goldfilled jewellery, designer costume jewellery, added new varities to diamond jewellery as well.


        Now we are in 2000 era and so many people have migrated overseas(all over the world)since 1987. So to cater for all our fiji people abroad(in overseas) & fiji wide people we decided to launch our E- Shop (0nline Busness).


As we are moving fast in 21st century with techology progressing everday we need to keep up with it .So Payal Jewellers Pte Ltd, Tavua,Fiji is keeping up with the pace and moving ahead in that direction.


All of above products will have quarantee of quality & will be priced very reasonably.

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