Payal Jewellers Pte Ltd

About Us


  We here at Payal Jewellers Pte Ltd have set up a vision. Our Vision is  to BE  BEST  in Quality, Product Range, Service(Back up),& to be  Transparent. We  will go to any length to achieve this. We are also making sure that in doing this we still maintain AFFORDABILITY (trying to get it in Customers budget).


    We have invested Fj$40,000 in Gold AnaIyser which helps us in Gold & Silver Quality Control Check. All our Gold & Silver Products are tested in house using Niton XL2 before we sell them. Every Gold , Silver & Diamond Jewelry will come with a Guarantee Certificate . This Guarantee Certificate will be Internationally recognised.

  To Maintain Gold Quality  we make sure that all OLD GOLD(TRADING GOLD) collected by us is not re-used before REFINED that means TRADED GOLD IS PURIFIED AGAIN  to proper Quality then made into Jewelry which we then test in our Laboratory before we sell them to our Valued Customers.This is why we say...



     We while Importing our Products make sure that it is of  tomorrow's Trend that means we just dont get any Regular product from OPEN MARKET but research well the market trends in those popular Jewelry Market especially India, Dubai, Singapore ,Europe Countries, China, Asian Market and the Western Countries.We work with our suppliers in creating Designs which suits our Fiji Market and yet it is Trendy,Affordable and Durable..Our Products  dont just come from India  but we also import from Dubai, Singapore, Europe Market, China and from Some Asian Countries as well..This is one of the reasons you see many different shades and variety in our Products..

   Service (Back up)

All our Products will come with back up (conditions apply). We will repair products sold by us if in repairable state.. We will charge reasonable amount if applicable. This means you wont have to worry if any issues come with our products,we will answer you and help you with all possible means.


This is a term which we use in 3 different places while selling Gold, Diamond & Silver Jewelry.

1) while selling product we will have our Terms & Conditions Transparent , there wont be any HIDDEN AGENDAS .

2)While selling PRECIOUS JEWELRY we will tell & SHOW you EXACT weight & Carat of Jewelry if applicable.  Warranty & Guarantee Terms clearly stated. This means in our Guarantee Certificate you will see the weight  & Carats of Gold, Diamond clearly stated with Warranty Terms.

3) Our Gold Jewelry PRICE will Reflect the present day International Gold price...We will update you the present day International Gold price..This is trend followed in other Countries such as Dubai, India & Singapore.. This will help you in making decision in buying PRECIOUS JEWELRY  from our Store

Thus we are transparent in all  3 Aspects of  Gold & Diamond Jewelry which is WEIGHT, CARATS, PRESENT DAY INTERNATIONAL GOLD PRICE Thus Our Guarantee Certificate will have  WEIGHT, CARATS, PRESENT DAY INTERNATIONAL GOLD PRICE Clearly stated..

Digital Era Diversion

As we have moved in 2000 Era our company started investing in Digital World.. We created our online store in 2014 ,created Social media pages. Now we  have upgrade our Website again and invested in creating our own APP (APPLICATION SOFTWARE) which will be launched soon..


With time we will keep upgrading or updating whether it be in  retail platforms ( Retail Store, Online Stores ) , Products & Service .. etc etc. You will see something new in any of these areas every year or will notice upgrades , as we just dont believe Selling STEREO TYPES Goods & Services but SELLING  you the best possible GOODS & SERVICES which is of BEST Quality(IN FACT VERIFIED QUALITY), is of PRESENT DAY (TRENDY)or BEYOND THAT, UNMATCHED COMPETITIVE  PRICES, BEST RANGE TO CHOOSE FROM, FULL BACK UP(conditions apply)...