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CZ-Diamond Como Rings(03220121)

Product code : 03220121

Type : Jewellery

Brand : Anantha Jewellery

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Price: FJ$1,059.00 FJ$ 699.00

Product Description

These are 9ct Gold Rings in 2 color yellow gold as well as RODIUM  where applicable ,studded in CZ & Diamonds..Ladies Rings are studded in CZ, Mens Rings are studded in Diamond.

1)All these rings will come with  Certificate to prove its well as the Rings itself have stamping at the base e.g. D for Diamond, CZ for CUBIC-ZIRCONIA and 9ct for gold...We have also added size at the base of the rings

2)We will give 1 year replacement warranty per deal (CONDITIONS APPLY).

3) We wil give full back up on these Rings.(CONDITIONS APPLY)

4) Best of all these deals come with combo Gift.

Please note these Rings are based on current Market Gold Price ),subject to change without any notification if major  Gold price fluctuation happens on International Market.

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