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Broad Gold Dangling Bali (0622178Ba)

Product code : Ba010622-22-0622178Ba-IEL

Type : Jewellery

Brand : Payal Collection

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Price: FJ$ 975.00 FJ$ 695.00

Product Description

The above 22ct Gold Bali has the diameter of 1.2cm approx 

Please Note: Gold Jewellery prices are based on Present Day International Gold Price.

This means any gold jewellery you buy from us will be priced within international gold price according to the carats of the jewellery thus you are assured RIGHT QUALITY at RIGHT PRICE.

Prices are subject to change without notification if major fluctuation happen in International Gold Price.

This piece of jewellery is handpicked by us and it’s fine art of gold collection of Payal Jewellers Pte Ltd.

The quality of gold is tested by us.

We used NITON XL2 to test this piece of gold jewellery. All our gold jewellery are tested in-house (by us) and certificate issued accordingly. This means our gold jewellery quality will be internationally recognised as per our tested results.

If any variance in the result we will mention it in our guarantee certicate (which you will be issued)

That’s why we say Gold Quality is as good as Hallmark.

For warranty we give full back-up for our jewellery at a reasonable cost (Condition apply).

This means any piece of jewellery purchased from us will have a full backup such as repairs, polishing etc. (Condition apply).